Jordana Releases ‘To The Ground,’ A New Single About Growing Up

21-year-old indie-pop up-and-comer Jordana began busking at 13 years old on the boardwalk of her town of North Beach, Maryland. Now she’s prepping for the release of her new album Face The Wall, arriving just next month. She unveiled the single “To The Ground” today, a luscious, introspective ballad about getting older.

She opens by singing, “Accountability is something that should not be new to me,” a vulnerable confession that showcases her determination to move towards her goal of becoming more responsible. The atmosphere of the track is laid-back and glowing; the sound is similar to that of her lo-fi peers Deb Never and Chapell Roan, but it also has an alt-rock edge, like Beabadoobee on her most recent album, Fake It Flowers.

“It’s about being alone and starting from square one, not knowing how and where to start, a venture into adulthood,” Jordana explains. “With the path to growing up, it’s wanting to not ask for any help on any growth to feel accomplished and self brought up, emotionally and physically. The only help being asked for in this song is to be stripped completely and figuratively thrown to the ground to get back up.”

Listen to “To The Ground” above.

Face The Wall is out 5/20 via Grand Jury. Pre-order it here.