All The Best New Pop Music From This Week

This week in pop music consisted of a great, eclectic batch of releases. From the unexpected collaboration between the hopeless romantic Ed Sheeran and the heavy rippers Bring Me The Horizon on “Bad Habits” to the infectious ballad “Swing & A Miss” by Oliver Tree, this week was full of pleasant jams.

Each week, Uproxx rounds up the best new pop releases. Listen up.

Troye Sivan, Jay Som — “Trouble”

The pop star-via-YouTube celebrity Troye Sivan teamed up with indie sensation Jay Som for this enchanting collaboration about falling in love. Their voices are both soothing and vulnerable, but the music retains a sonic buoyance that keeps it catchy and upbeat.

Chappell Roan — “Naked In Manhattan”

Missouri-native, up-and-coming pop star Chappell Roan is delighting in the hedonism of New York on this new, synthy anthem “Naked In Manhattan.” Her endearing soprano and exhilarated lyrics make for a compelling listen, and the glamorous music video enhances that experience even further.

Mahalia — “Letter To Ur Ex”

Mahalia is as compassionate as possible on this bewitching 2-minute single “Letter To Ur Ex” that rejects drama. Her vocals are glimmering as she sets the rules: “If you carry on like this, you gon’ get your karma / Take it from a girl who’s already been through the trauma.”

Ed Sheeran, Bring Me The Horizon — “Bad Habits”

Though Bring Me The Horizon have roots in ruthless metalcore, they’ve been gradually inching towards a more pop sound, especially through collaborations with artists like Grimes and now Ed Sheeran. The caustic, theatrical riffs and Oli Sykes’ raspy yells mix surprisingly well with Sheeran’s rather innocent track, turning it into the perfect anthem about self-destruction.

Jack Harlow — “Nail Tech”

Rapper Jack Harlow is continuing to dominate radio waves with the release of this new, clever track “Nail Tech.” It’s full of references to Teslas and Instagram, as well as some criticizing quips: “Most of yall ain’t wealthy / Most of yall just dress like it.”

Maude Latour — “Headphones”

Recent Columbia graduate Maude Latour is inspirationally optimistic on this bubbly single about making it through the hard days. By focusing on art, she’s able to overcome her struggles: “I let the music lead the way, so I can show you who I am,” she croons.

Mimi Webb — “House On Fire”

Mimi Webb has a solid — not good, necessarily, but solid — plan to get revenge on her cheating ex. Her fiery scheme is, at least, fun to listen to; her vocals are playful and captivating, singing a melody that sticks.

Sabrina Carpenter — “Fast Times”

“But what the f*ck is patience?” Sabrina Carpenter drawls on “Fast Times,” having no time to waste. Like Chappell Roan’s “Naked In Manhattan,” this is another anthem about hedonism and living every day like it’s your last.

Shenseea, 21 Savage — “R U That”

After collaborating with Megan Thee Stallion last month, hip-hop riser Shenseea teamed up with 21 Savage for this snappy track. Against a memorable trap beat, she expresses her standards through a clean rap and a radiating sense of confidence that gives her indisputable, admirable main character energy.

Oliver Tree — “Swing & A Miss”

Eccentric icon Oliver Tree is a kinky cowboy in the video for his new single “Swing & A Miss.” The song, though, is actually quite heartfelt, emphasizing the need to live in the moment rather than lingering in the past or waiting for the future.

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