LCD Soundsystem Announce A 20-Show Run At Brooklyn Steel This Winter

That’s how it starts…

After a bunch of social media promotion yesterday, Bowery Presents/AEG have announced they’re presenting a 20-show run from LCD Soundsystem. The shows will be held at the venue Brooklyn Steel, and tickets go on sale next Friday, October 8, at 10 AM EST. Tickets will be available to purchase right here. Here are the show dates — they’re coming up pretty quickly:

November 23
November 24
November 29
November 30
December 1
December 3
December 4
December 5
December 7
December 8
December 9
December 11
December 12
December 13
December 15
December 16
December 17
December 19
December 20
December 21

It makes sense that the band would be offering such a long run because with a capacity of only 1800, Brooklyn Steel is definitely an underplay for them. Remember that “goodbye” show at Madison Square Garden? Considering they can fill a venue ten times the size of Brooklyn Steel, and headline festivals, the multiple nights helps ensure that all the fans who want to see them will get the chance (Except for those few and far between fans who don’t live in New York). Back in 2017, the band finally did release new music along with their reunion for a festival circuit, and according to our own Steven Hyden American Dream was exactly as brilliant and annoying as the band itself tends to be. Still, I’ve seen this live act before and it’s a real treat, so if you’re a New Yorker in the mood for some holiday indie rock, get those tickets.