LCD Soundsystem Canceled The Rest Of Their Brooklyn Residency Due To The Recent Omicron Variant Surge

The Omicron variant has led to a spike in COVID cases, and with it some changes in the entertainment industry. Saturday Night Live was forced to resort to a limited cast and no live audience (and no Charli XCX) for its most recent episode. It’s also affected the band LCD Soundsystem, as they were forced to cancel the rest of their Brooklyn residency.

In posts to their social media accounts, the group announced the cancelation of their remaining three shows, from December 19-21. “You have all spoken. The last three shows are canceled,” the band wrote. “You good people who want to return your tickets and try again another time have spoken, but so has the new info, the hospital capacity, and those of us in the band, crew, and venue. We certainly had enough cancellations to make the vote count, but we also, now with all the new info, want to stop for our own sakes.”

They apologized to those who made plans to travel, as well as promised to issue refunds. “We tried. We really did,” they added. “We were heartened to see so many more masks at the last show. We were incredibly thankful for everyone who wanted to make it work. But it will have to wait, again, until we find out what this new wave means to us all. Thank you for again listening, trying, etc. Please be safe.”