Lucy Dacus Looks Back On Her Bible School Days In Her Animated ‘VBS’ Video

Lucy Dacus’ new album cycle seems to be based at least partially on nostalgia. The forthcoming album is called Home Video and her latest single, “VBS,” was written about Dacus’ first boyfriend and her days in Bible school.

Dacus says of the midtempo song:

“VBS means vacation bible school, and I went to tons of them. It’s where Christian parents send their kids over the winter, spring, or summer breaks from school to get closer to God, maybe learn some outdoor skills, and bring home useless crafts and totems like fruit of the spirit sand art and purity rings.

I wrote the song in the van on the way to Nashville to record Home Video after seeing one of those readerboards outside a church advertising a wholesome church camp for kids. I thought about my first boyfriend, who I met at VBS, the resident bad boy who loved Slayer and weed more than Jesus. I took it upon myself to save him, and make him stop doing drugs (with an exception for snorting nutmeg). God, I was so lame.”

She also previously said of Home Video, “I can’t hide behind generalizations or fiction anymore. […] I don’t necessarily think that I’m supposed to understand the songs just because I made them. I feel like there’s this person who has been in me my whole life and I’m doing my best to represent them.”

Watch the “VBS” video above.

Home Video is out 6/25 via Matador. Pre-order it here.