Manchester Orchestra Grasp For Redemption On The Spectral Single ‘The Way’

Manchester Orchestra are going all-in with The Valley Of Vision, their forthcoming album, which arrives with a virtual reality short film. First, they unleashed the lead single and opener “Capital Karma.” Now they’re back with “The Way,” the second track on the LP.

“The Way” is a mystical experience right off the bat. Against a haunting ambiance, frontman Andy Hull‘s voice is a guiding force as he recollects some emotional wreckage: “I think I’m losing my mind / Fear became the fentanyl / Hungry like the animal / I’ve been sleeping in,” he sings. Despite the darkness and eerie texture, Hull reaches for hope as he repeats the line, “Let me start again,” grasping for redemption.

The forthcoming short film that accompanies the song was directed by Isaac Deitz. He said in a statement, “Experiencing the film in its intended 180-degree, 3D VR format feels like downloading a dream into your head,” he explained. “Each symbol represents a different experience nested in our internal worlds; it’s up to you whether you want to just enjoy them, or try to interpret what the dream means.”

Listen to “The Way” above.

The Valley Of Vision is out 3/10 via Loma Vista Recordings. Pre-order it here.