Maya Hawke Takes Part In An Orgy In Her New ‘Thérèse’ Music Video

Maya Hawke is most known for her role as Robin Buckley on Stranger Things, but she also makes sprawling, emotional songs in the vein of Phoebe Bridgers and Angel Olsen. Her newest release is “Thérèse,” which is out today alongside an explicit music video that centers on an orgy taking place in the woods.

“Thérèse” is a truly haunting, hallucinogenic tune that intensifies as it goes on. Hawke finds power in repetition, singing over and over, “It’s tactless it’s a test / It’s just Thérèse,” which serves as a kind of eerie incantation. The video is graphic and very NSFW, but the depiction of bodies is artistic and vulnerable, showing dim sex scenes before the participants are caught by police.

Hawke has been vocal about her support of a woman’s right to her body. She recently went on The Tonight Show to discuss it, saying, “My mom wrote this really beautiful essay about her abortion that she got when she was really young, and about how if she hadn’t have had it, she wouldn’t have become the person that she’d become, and I wouldn’t exist, and how both of my parents lives would’ve been totally derailed if she hadn’t had access to safe and legal health care — fundamental health care.”

Watch the video for “Thérèse” above.