Jon Bon Jovi Has Advice For His Son And Millie Bobby Brown After Getting Engaged At Such A Young Age

Last month, Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi got engaged. Some observers thought the pair might be too young for such a major step, as “she’s 19” was a trending topic on Twitter after the news broke (Bongiovi, meanwhile, is 20 years old). Now, Bongiovi’s dad, beloved New Jersey rocker Jon Bon Jovi, has weighed in during an appearance on Andy Cohen’s Sirius XM show Radio Andy yesterday (May 2).

After noting that Bon Jovi and his wife Dorothea were initially high school sweethearts, Cohen asked the musician if he worries about Bongiovi and Brown getting engaged so young. He replied, “I don’t know if age matters, you know, if you find the right partner and you grow together. I think that would be my advice, really, is growing together is wise, growing together. And so I think that all my kids have found the people that they think they can grow together, and we like them all.”

He also said of Stranger Things, “I’ve seen it, of course. Millie’s wonderful. Her whole family are great. Really, really great. Jake is very, very happy.”

Bongiovi, meanwhile, is the latest sibling to head towards matrimony, as Bon Jovi said that three of his four children are now engaged.