Mitski Shares The Epic ‘The End’ From Her ‘This Is Where We Fall’ Graphic Novel Soundtrack

The music industry is a living and constantly evolving entity, as it proved last year by adapting to livestream concerts as the pandemic took over the world. Mitski is also breaking new ground for herself with her soundtrack for This Is Where We Fall, a graphic novel by Chris Miskiewicz and Vincent Kings. Today, she has shared a new selection from it: “The End,” which features narration from Miskiewicz. The instrumental has a huge anthemic rock sound to underscore Miskiewicz’s deep voice.

When the soundtrack was announced last year, Mitski offered a statement, saying, “It was exciting to make a soundtrack for a comic book. It allowed me to work outside of my usual songwriting form and try to approach it like a score, but without any of the cues that come with working alongside a moving image, which ended up being both freeing and challenging. I hope the end result helps to immerse you in the story!” Z2 publisher Josh Frankel added, “A project and partnership like this is the perfect marriage of a visual art form like comics, and music. Fans of Mitski’s music will not only get something new from one of their favorite artists, but a companion piece that completes the experience.”

The “innovative new science-fiction series” is described as delving “into complex questions on science, faith, mankind’s need to believe in something bigger than itself, while also questioning what defines the human spirit.

Listen to “The End” above.

This Is Where We Fall is out Now via Z2 Comics. Get it here.