Muna Tackled Taylor Swift’s Song ‘August’ In A ‘Breathy’ New Cover

Muna’s new EP, Live At Electric Lady, hit streaming platforms today. With four stunning recorded versions of the band’s popular hits, including “Silk Chiffon” and “Kind Of Girl,” to older deep discography dives like 2019’s “Taken,” Muna proves that hunkering down at the legendary NYC studio paid off in their favor. However, the aptly-placed track five is drawing attention online.

That’s right. Muna recorded a live cover of Taylor Swift’s popular 2020 song “August,” which appeared on her album, Folklore. Their rendition slows down the pacing, complete with a calming acoustic guitar. By the second verse, the band incorporates layered vocals and a slightly-faster instrumental. Basically put, it’s a brilliant interpretation for both their own fans and Swifties discovering the song. (Even though the two fandoms have some overlap online.)

“The whole environment at Electric Lady Studios is so supportive and open, it often leads to making new creative choices while you’re in the midst of recording,” Muna told Pitchfork in a statement. “‘August’ took on this very breathy, quiet quality that we hadn’t anticipated, but we just went with.”

Another layer in the relevancy of Muna’s decision to cover “August” on a live release from Electric Lady comes in the form of a certain collaborator. Jack Antonoff went viral following the Disney+ film, Folklore: Live At Long Pond Studios, for enthusiastically playing guitar on Swift’s song. He also frequently records at the EL studio.

Muna’s Live At Electric Lady is out now via Saddest Factory. Buy/stream it here.