Muna And Phoebe Bridgers Deliver A Bubbly Performance Of ‘Silk Chiffon’ On ‘Corden’

Towards the end of last year, Phoebe Bridgers launched her label Saddest Factory Records, saying that it had been a “dream” of hers to start one of her own. Months after the announcement, she signed the trio Muna to the imprint, making her and singer Claud as the only two artists on the label. Muna then received help from Bridgers on “Silk Chiffon,” their debut release. The track arrived with a delightful music video that featured the Muna band members in head-to-toe cheer gear and Bridgers in pink hair in a song the band described as one “for kids to have their first gay kiss to.”

Now, more than two months after that song arrived, Muna and Bridgers delivered their first performance of the track on late-night TV. On The Late Late Show With James Corden, Muna and Bridgers shared a bubbly rendition of the track backed by a pool of pink balloons, shimmery decorations, and more.

After signing to Saddest Factory earlier this year, Muna shared a tongue-in-cheek statement that explained how they got signed. “Phoebe asked us to be in a four person couple with her,” Muna wrote. “We said, ‘Sadly, we are all taken but we will happily sign to your record label for the small fee of 10 million dollars.’ After much negotiation, she obliged. We look forward to this lifelong partnership and Phoebe raising our first born children, as was included in the contract.”

You can watch their performance of “Silk Chiffon” on Corden above.