Petey Details How He Got ‘Higher Than Anyone Had Ever Been’ From Eating Weed Cake

This July, indie artist Petey dropped the standalone single “Big Bad.” His statement upon its release said the track was “about when things seem bad in a big way. Not to be confused with times when things seem just a little bit bad!” It sounds like Petey’s 2014 Halloween qualified as a big bad night.

Petey stopped by “Tales From The Trip,” a series on Comedy Central’s Animated YouTube channel, to recount his five-day high resulting from eating a slice of $5,000 weed cake. “I know this is kind of a trippy audience. I should say that I have done mushrooms. I have done LSD. Nothing compares to the heaviness of this edible experience that I’m about to share,” he began.

On Halloween night in 2014, Petey stayed in with his two roommates, whom he described as “the biggest stoners with a capital ‘S'” who consumed “up to 100 milligrams of edibles every single day.” Petey didn’t go out that night because he’d recently gotten a job at a “really fancy dog food restaurant” and had to work the next day. But trouble found Petey at home because his roommates “had befriended this girl” with a “mystical” and “Hollywood rich witch vibe.” She brought over a cake she’d baked with $5,000 worth of weed in it. His roommates advised Petey to eat a much bigger slice than he should have.

Ultimately, the high hit hard. He eventually passed out, after looking up videos of a chameleon hatching from an egg, only to wake up the next morning feeling “higher than anyone had ever been in their entire f*cking life.” Petey had begun the night avoiding Halloween festivities so he could make a good impression at work, and he ended up having to call out of work for two days. “I was high for five days!” he said.

Moral of the story? Nobody can ever question the validity of Petey titling his debut album Lean Into Life.

Watch the funny five-minute story above.