Phoebe Bridgers Will Reimagine Some Of Her ‘Punisher’ Songs In The EP ‘Copycat Killer’

Phoebe Bridgers debuted her highly-anticipated sophomore record Punisher earlier this year and while the album has only been out for a few months, the singer is gearing up for a new project. Bridgers announced she’s just a few weeks away from releasing the EP Copycat Killer, which boasts alternate versions of several Punisher songs. Teasing the new project, Bridgers shares a transcendent rendition of her track “Kyoto.”

While the alternate version of “Kyoto” still holds the integrity of the original, Bridgers tapped Grammy Award-winning composer Rob Moose to lend a hand on the instrumentals. On the new track, Moose expertly blends soothing samples with atmospheric synths and heart-tugging strings as Bridgers gently delivers her earnest ballad.

Ahead of the album announcement, Bridgers spoke to Uproxx to offer some meaning behind her Punisher tracks. Revealing that “Kyoto” is a commentary about her mental health, Bridgers said: “I think you’re stealing from yourself if you don’t go to therapy, basically. I thought for a lot of my life I could just kind of bulldoze through my own mental health issues and just live my life anyway. And it works sometimes, but then in quiet moments by a f*cking river in Japan when you’re thinking about your f*cking … or you’re not thinking about anything and your thoughts become weird, gray matter. You’re like, ‘Damn, maybe I should examine why my brain does that.’ That’s mostly what it’s about.”

Listen to her alternate version of “Kyoto” above and see Bridgers’ Copycat Killer album art and tracklist below.

Dead Oceans

1. “Kyoto”
2. “Savior Complex”
3. “Chinese Satellite”
4. “Punisher”

Copycat Killer is out 11/20 via Dead Oceans. Pre-order it here.