Phoebe Bridgers Shared Her Dream Musical Collaboration On The Met Gala Red Carpet

The Met Gala is fashion’s biggest night, but with so many stars attending, conversations about music are bound to come up. Though the evening is dedicated in memory of the late designer, Karl Lagerfeld, the press couldn’t let Phoebe Bridgers go without asking the “Your Mind Is Not Your Friend” singer a few things about her work or at least dream release.

When asked if she’s working on new solo music, Bridgers was coy, saying, “I hope so.” Since she’s part of Boygenius, the musician is covered on the front as their new album, The Record, which just recently dropped.

Quickly after her response, the journalist followed up by asking her who she’s working with, but rephrased the question to ask who is her dream musical collaboration.

At first, Bridgers shot down the question, responding, “Nothing.” However, after giving it some thought, Bridgers, blurted out, “Bob Dylan.” As for which song she had in mind if they were to her record together, Bridgers said, “Shallow,” presumably referring to Lady Gaga’s Academy Award-winning song featuring Bradley Cooper.

Dylan’s artistry has served as an inspiration to countless musicians. It’s even being used as the focal point of a forthcoming film starring Chloe Bailey.