Cage The Elephant Gets Crazy In A Fish Tank While Playing ‘Broken Boy’ On Adult Swim’s ‘FishCenter’

Cage the Elephant‘s heavy guitar riffs and energetic stage presence are known to incite large crowds and encourage crowd surfing. The band brought the same energy to Adult Swim’s absurd aquatic-themed live show FishCenter. The series is not your average music show. FishCenter is a daytime, call-in web show that elicits hilarious scenarios, like when Post Malone got his hand bitten by a large fish— and it actually hurt.

While there were no fish-related injuries during Cage the Elephant’s performance, the band made use of the entire aquarium stage as they played “Broken Boy” from their recent album Social Cues. Lead singer Matt Shultz begins the song crouching and holding the microphone stand above his head like a bench press weight. Shultz jolts up on the song’s opening chord and runs across the stage. His jerky dance moves and animated singing is reminiscent of a modern day Mick Jagger.

The band toned down their performance to play their new album’s title track, “Social Cues.”

Cage the Elephant’s latest album Social Cues was released just a few weeks ago and has already garnered positive attention.

“We’re just really excited about where things are moving,” Schultz said in an interview with UPROXX before the album’s release. The album was a form of healing from past traumas and losses. “At first listen, it’s easy to catch the grief and mourning and notes of pain. But for me when I listen to it, I hear an incredible amount of joy and hope, and I really hope that comes across.”