Phoenix Called On The Motley Crew Of Pusha T, Benee, And Chad Hugo To Add Onto The Magic Of ‘All Eyes On Me’

Phoenix haven’t historically been known for their collaborations, but they’ve actually been busting them out as of late. Their latest album, 2022’s Alpha Zulu, includes the Ezra Koenig-featuring “Tonight,” Clairo joined the group for a remix of “After Midnight” earlier this year, and now Phoenix has unveiled another new Alpha Zulu remix, featuring Pusha T, Benee, and Chad Hugo.

That may seem like a random or unexpected mix of collaborators, but it all makes sense: The band said in a statement, “A huge thank you to le Roi Pusha-T – most played artist in our backstage; to Chad Hugo, who always showed up when we were playing in Virginia, it’s about time we worked together! And to Benee, who worked at light speed to make this happen and added some magic. MERCI!!!”

This isn’t Pusha’s first time linking up with the French group: he joined them on stage at a Paris festival this summer, performing Phoenix’s 2000 song “Funky Squaredance” before jumping into “All Eyes On Me.”

The band’s Thomas Mars previously told Uproxx of Alpha Zulu, “Every album we make is a reaction to previous one. As we were digging into this one, we realized that we were putting the songs that had the least in common together. We tried to open the spectrum as much as possible and make a little bit of a Frankenstein.”

Listen to the “All Eyes On Me” remix above.