Phosphorescent Launches ‘The Full Moon Project’ With A Languid Randy Newman Cover

Phosphorescent is used to long gaps between albums. His most recent LP, 2018’s C’est La Vie, came out about three years ago, and that arrived over five years after its predecessor, 2013’s Muchacho. Now, after some time away, he’s got something new up his sleeve: “The Full Moon Project,” which he launches today with a cover of Randy Newman’s “Bad News From Home.”

At the end of last week, Phosphorescent took to Instagram to explain what this new endeavor is:

“I’ve been thinkin awhile now on how to release more music separate from the modern album release cycle and all its requirements and pressures etc.. Recently my tiny animal brain had an epiphany: ‘How dense are you, bub?’ it said. ‘This is easy. Record it. Then put it out there. Duh.’ And then, ‘Maybe the moon can help. Look to it.’

So starting here at the top of this year of 2022 and I suppose aiming for the rest of my natural life, I’m gonna release a song with every full moon. For now it’s going to be exclusively cover songs as there’s a mile-long list of songs that’ve meant the world to me and I’d like to try my hand at em.

They may be moon related (as the first one is) or they may have nothin to do with the moon at all I’m open to this thing evolving into whatever it wants to be (new songs, working demos, requests, mashups, ??) In honor of the year’s first full moon (The Wolf Moon!), the first track from this project will be released on Monday, Jan 17. I’m so excited.”

A full moon occurs about every 29.5 days, so expect new tunes from Phosphorescent pretty much once a month from here on out.

Listen to Phosphorescent’s cover of “Bad News From Home” above.