Puddle Of Mudd’s Wes Scantlin Admits His Legendarily Bad Nirvana Cover ‘Looked And Sounded Like Total Sh*t’

Puddle Of Mudd is a successful rock band. “Blurry” was a top-five single in 2001, “She Hates Me” was also a hit the next year, and the album both of those songs are on, 2001’s Come Clean, is multi-platinum and peaked in the top 10 on the charts.

All of that said, the group returned to the spotlight in 2020, but not for a good reason. That January, the band sat down for a SiriusXM live session, where they covered Nirvana’s “About A Girl.” A few months after that, the video started getting some viral attention online due to singer Wes Scantlin’s questionable vocal performance. One YouTube comment reads, “This literally sounds like something South Park would do to imitate Nirvana.” Another says, “When you think 2020 couldn’t get any worse… You find this exists.”

Now, two years later, in a new interview with Songfacts, Scantlin has addressed the cover. He was asked about it and he responded, “Oh yeah, you know what? I was acclimating and it was a tiring day, and I had already performed five or six songs at one time, and by the time I got to that one — which I shouldn’t even have done because I cannot nail that song — I was a little tired. It looked and sounded like total sh*t. But live to fight another day, dude.”

Revisit the performance above and read the full interview here.