People Confused Robert Durst Dying With Fred Durst And Started Mourning Limp Bizkit

The story of real estate tycoon and serial killer Robert Durst has fascinated America for quite some time. Particularly after The Jinx: The Life And Deaths Of Robert Durst aired back in 2015 and it became very clear to many people that this man was a murderer. Though he was finally convicted of murder, Robert Durst died in prison a few days ago of natural causes at age 78.

However, those among us who haven’t watched the jaw-dropping documentary, The Jinx, have another Durst on their minds: Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst. And whenever a celebrity dies, plenty of people on Twitter are eager to weigh in and shared their condolences, memories, etc. But for this particularly celebrity death, plenty of people were mourning the loss of a musical talent instead of a murderous tycoon. Or, they assumed Robert was Fred’s father — neither are true!

And the mix up is pretty funny to watch. Have no fear, though, Fred Durst is alive and well and will live many more days to party rock in the USA, and Limp Bizkit even released a brand new song called “Dad Vibes” last year. Durst is not, I repeat is not dead — and is not 78. Fred is a mere 51. Not only is Fred a purveyor of nu metal and rap rock, but he’s also begun a film career in more recent years, so keep an eye out for his silver screen appearances as well. But before you do, check out all the hilarious reactions below.