Soccer Mommy Drops A Collection Of ‘Color Theory’ Demos And A New ‘Royal Screw Up’ Video

Earlier this year, Soccer Mommy released Color Theory, her second album and her most polished-sounding effort yet. On a production level, Sophie Allison has come a long way since her early Bandcamp days, but now she has offered something for fans who still appreciate her more DIY aesthetic: Out of nowhere, Allison has shared a collection of demos of some Color Theory songs, titled Color Theory (Selected Demos).

The six-track release includes demo versions of “Circle The Drain,” “Royal Screw Up,” “Yellow Is The Color Of Her Eyes,” “Gray Light,” “Stain,” and “Crawling In My Skin,” and the more humble nature of the recordings is a real throwback. She also shared a video for the “Royal Screw Up” demo, which comes across as a lo-fi home video that features footage of Allison’s house and surrounding area. Allison said of the clip, “I made this video by driving around and exploring a little bit of Nashville. Most of the footage is from my house or my favorite nearby nature spots.”

After releasing Color Theory in February, Allison recruited some musical peers for a series of collaborations, including Beabadoobee and MGMT’s Andrew VanWyngarden.

Watch the “Royal Screw Up” video above, stream Color Theory (Selected Demos) below, and revisit our review of Color Theory here. There’s also a deluxe binder edition of Color Theory (Selected Demos) available for pre-order, so check that out here.