St. Vincent Speaks On Her Upcoming ‘Words + Music’ Audio Project And Being Creative During A Pandemic

On Monday, St. Vincent will share her audio project, St. Vincent: Words + Music, as a part of Audible’s Words + Music series. The project will find St. Vincent discussing her influences, lyrics, and the “discovery of her authentic self.” And ahead of its release she sat down for an interview with The Los Angeles Times to discussing the project, her love for podcasts, and her ability to be creative during the pandemic.

St. Vincent explained her decision to give fans a new piece of her life that she previously left untouched, including her father’s imprisonment in the 2000s. “I’ve always wanted people to enjoy and take in my music for what the music was. I don’t want it to be like a piece of art on the wall that needs an explanation in order to enjoy it. I want it to be enjoyed and interpreted on its own merit,” she said. “I think that in the past I felt way more protective of my family and my privacy because he was still in there. But since then, he’s been released, and we have a great relationship… That’s why I feel fine about throwing it out there, because frankly, it had the happiest possible ending.”

St. Vincent also discussed one of her obsessions. “I’m obsessed with podcasts and audiobooks. I probably listen to more audiobooks than I do music.”

She also talked about her creative process during the pandemic and how it changed her process. “I’m doing OK. It’s been a really productive time, but in a different way. I have this theory that people who are creative for a living were dumbstruck, creatively, by the pandemic, because we all need an element of chaos in our day to be able to grab inspiration,” she explained. “People who are creative for a living have had a very hard time being creative during the pandemic. But a lot of people who aren’t necessarily creative for a living are like, ‘It’s a great time. I’ve finally learned how to knit and I finally wrote that short story that I‘d been meaning to do.'”

(via The Los Angeles Times)