Stevie Nicks Shares A Poem Called ‘Get It Back’ Ahead Of The Upcoming Midterm Elections

Stevie Nicks is encouraging fans to get involved in the upcoming midterm elections. Today (October 10), the Fleetwood Mac lead vocalist took to Instagram to express her worries for the younger generations.

“At 74 years old, I can honestly say that I am worried about every one of you,” Nicks said. “Worried about health care, and just in general, worried about your God given rights. You must gather together now. You must register to vote as soon as you can (for many of you the deadline is tomorrow, October 11th!) and you must vote!”

In her post, Nicks also wrote a poem called Get It Back, in which, she warns of the dangers that will take place if fans don’t use their voices and utilize their rights to vote.

I have my scars
You have yours
Don’t let them
Take your power
Don’t leave it alone
In the final hours
They’ll take your soul
They’ll take your power

Don’t close your eyes and hope for teh best
The dark is out there
The light is going fast
And all the rights you had yesterday
Are taken away
And now you’re afraid
You should be afraid
Because everything I fought for
Long ago in a dream — is gone
The dream is not over, the dream has just begun
Or is it a nightmare?
Or a lasting scar

It is —
Unless you save it
And that’s that
Unless you stand up
And take it back
Try to see the future
And get mad
It’s slipping through your fingers
You don’t know what you had
You don’t have much time
Get it back

Nicks says revealed she plans to share the poem in song format at some point in the future.

Check out the full poem above, and find out how you can register to vote here.