Taylor Hawkins Sent An Audio Message Hours Before His Death: ‘Take Care Of Each Other And I’ll Take Care Of Me’

Perry Farrell wears many hats. Most notably, he’s the leader of Jane’s Addiction and the founder of Lollapalooza. Aside from that, he was close with recently deceased Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins. In fact, in a tribute video Farrell posted over the weekend, he calls Hawkins his “best friend.” Also in that video, he and his wife Etty Lau Farrell share a voice message Hawkins sent to Etty Lau just hours before his death.

In the message (which can be heard at the very end of the Farrells’ video), Hawkins expresses his love for the couple and indicated he was looking forward to performing at Lollapalooza Brazil, saying, “Take care of each other and I’ll take care of me, and I will see you guys in Sao Paolo. I love, love, love, love you guys. Sleep tight.”

Meanwhile, Farrell started the video by saying, “Taylor Hawkins died yesterday. He was my best friend. Beloved in my home by my wife, my children, even my dogs. Whenever Taylor came over, we would make music in the den. [Our dog] Cloud would always go and sit right by him. He was one of the most passionate drummers I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. When I think of him, I sum it up with one word: Velocity. He had the gift to maintain a confident, striking, and stroking velocity on drums.”

Watch the video above.