Republican Senator Ted Cruz Applauds Van Morrison And Eric Clapton’s Anti-Lockdown Song As Courageous

Republican politicians continue to insist that locking down the country to help quarantine against the raging pandemic is a bad idea. There hasn’t been a federal lockdown in America yet, but those who are opposed to it happening do keep asserting how against it they are. Similarly, over the past few months, Van Morrison has made his anti-lockdown stance clear with several songs, including a dismissal of social-distancing as pseudo science.

Today, it was revealed that another classic rock legend, Eric Clapton, has joined Van in the sentiment, and their new song “Stand And Deliver” will be released early next month. Obviously, plenty of fans of these two musical icons have been saddened to learn that their heroes don’t believe in logic and science. However, one of the aforementioned Republican politicians has welcomed news of the song with open arms, and even gone so far as to assert that its existence will help “save the arts.”

Texas senator Ted Cruz shared several tweets today on the subject, beginning this morning:

After his first few initial tweets, Cruz decided to continue his line of thought with some longer commentary. “The irony is rich. Dems are destroying many of their core constituencies: Hollywood, Broadway, pro sports, and Rock & Roll. Bravo to Clapton and Van Morrison for having the courage to stand up to virtue-signaling Lefties & defend the thousands who work in the arts.”

Ironically, every Democrat I know also wants to keep people safe and save the arts — with support from the government and by following guidelines set out by scientists and doctors.