Wet Find Hope In Fleeting Love On The Atmospheric Single ‘On Your Side’

Indie pop trio Wet first captivated audiences with the emotive pop heard on their 2014 self-titled debut EP. To date, the group has shared two LPs and a handful of singles in the years following their last studio album, Still Run. But now with the return of all their original members, Wet usher in a new era of music with the tender single “On Your Side.”

The new tune is the first-released track since Wet shared their 2020 single “Come To You,” which debuted just a week before lockdown. “On Your Side” immediately opens with singer Kelly Zutrau’s sun-drenched vocals as she delivers a reflection on reminding someone close to her that she hasn’t given up her commitment to them.

The music itself reflects Zutrau’s reassurance as samples of gentle coos play out underneath atmospheric synths. The intimate production on “On Your Side” is thanks to producer Buddy Ross, who is known for his work with big indie acts like Vampire Weekend, Frank Ocean, Haim, and Bon Iver.

In a statement about the track, Zutrau says she tried to capture the feeling of fleeting love:

“‘On Your Side’ is about the feeling of embodying unconditional love as a special and fleeting experience. Even though it sounds contradictory, unconditional and fleeting, it’s about that duality. I often find myself in more ambivalent places in relationships and then when it happens it’s epic like planets and trees and rivers and then like that it’s gone again. I think I wanted to capture it as a way of holding onto that feeling. To me a lot of love songs are about capturing that quick moment before it’s gone, there’s a desperation to it.”

Watch Wet’s “On Your Side” video above.