Wilco Perform ‘Poor Places’ On ‘The Late Show’ To Celebrate The Anniversary Of ‘Yankee Hotel Foxtrot’

Iconic indie group Wilco have been celebrating the 20-year anniversary of their beloved opus Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. The band, led by amazing songwriter Jeff Tweedy, is currently on their special run of shows, celebrating the album in New York and Chicago. Last night they brought the sprawling track “Poor Places” to The Late Show With Stephen Colbert for its network television debut, inviting the Aizuri Quartet to contribute layers and make the sound even richer and bigger.

Along with this stunning performance, Wilco are releasing seven special editions of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, including a box set with 11 vinyl albums, one CD, and a book. It will contain demos, instrumentals, show recordings, radio interviews, and more.

This follows Tweedy’s confession last month that the band is working on a new LP: “It’s almost entirely because I’ve been in the studio with Wilco making some new music, chipping away at a new record. It’s been very, very fun and exciting and we’re having a great time,” he said. “Next time we should be able to get back to some normal correspondence. If I can get everyone in the Wilco braintrust on board, maybe I’ll share a snippet of a work in progress or something like that over the weekend behind the paywall.”

Watch Wilco perform “Poor Places” on Colbert above.