All The Major Fast Food Chains And Markets Selling Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods

Meat 2.0 is everywhere! Whether you’ve taken the plunge and actually tried it, or you’re sitting on the sidelines waiting until plant-based meat substitutes are literally your only food option, one thing is for certain: meat 2.0 is more popular than ever before. The two major plant-based meat companies, Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, have been fighting over who will reign supreme in the lucrative American fast food market and, from the looks of it, Impossible currently holds a slight edge over Beyond.

Regardless, the trend is here to stay. Not just because the flavors hold up, but because eating less animal protein, is just one of the small ways you can lessen your own personal carbon footprint. To help you source these products, we’ve made a list of all the current food chains that will let you go meatless. Get out there and eat some plants.

A&W Canada

All A&W locations across Canada now carry a Beyond Burger — what gives A&W? Do you think Americans don’t love root beer or something? Because we can guarantee that they do, and we also pretty crazy about plant-based meats as illustrated by this list. Bring the Beyond southward!

Bar Louie

American gastro pub chain, Bar Louie, serves the ultra-simple Impossible, which is topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, and garlic aioli at just under 600 calories. It’s not the most imaginative burger on this list, but hey it’s something.


Bareburger has a whole mess of Beyond Burgers, and is by far the only burger chain on this list that is giving plant-based meat the spotlight it deserves. Choose between The Original, a quarter pound burger with American cheese, onions, pickles, and special sauce, the Golden State, featuring gouda, green leaf lettuce, red onions, organic ketchup and tomatoes, the Duchess, which has gouda, cartelized onions, wild mushrooms, baby kale, tomatoes, and organic garlic aioli, and honestly, five other burgers that we can’t be bothered to detail.

Bareburger is THE burger joint to be for all your well-dressed plant-based needs.

Blaze Pizza

Pizza is probably the easiest food to eat while totally avoiding meat, so while we certainly didn’t need a vegan spicy chorizo topping option at Blaze Pizza, we’ll take it! While not technically a Beyond or Impossible product, it’s still meatless so stop complaining and eat the damn pizza.

Burger King

Burger King

Burger King just unveiled the Impossible Whopper last month and the hype is already growing nationwide. The company, as of October 2019, serves the Impossible Whopper at most locations across the country. Check out our full review to see how it stacks up against it’s original counterpart.

Carl’s Jr.

The Beyond Famous Star is currently sold at participating Carl’s Jr locations across the country after the chain dipped its toes in the meat 2.0 world in January of this year. The best part? You could substitute a Beyond patty for any chicken or beef burger menu item.

The Cheesecake Factory

Just when you thought the Cheesecake Factory menu was overdone, they decided to add yet another item to their A Song of Ice and Fire sized list of offerings. The Cheesecake Factory Impossible Burger has been sold nationwide since August of last year, why they didn’t take this opportunity to introduce the Impossible Meatcake we’ll never understand.

Chronic Tacos

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Chronic Taco has a Beyond Beef Crumble that can be ordered in any one of their tacos, burritos, or bowls. They also serve a potato taco which is a delicious and traditional Mexican-food option that edges out the Beyond in my humble opinion. The Beyond Beeg crumble is vegan-friendly, gluten and soy-free and packs a whopping 55 grams of protein and only 3 grams of fat. Now you’ll just have to convince your friends to eat at a place called Chronic Taco.


Doghaus saw the war plant based meat wars and decided, “nah, we ain’t picking sides.” As far as we can tell, Doghaus is the only chain to serve both meat 2.0 brands, thanks to their Impossible Burger and Beyond Sausage Dog. Best of both worlds in the Doghaus.

Del Taco

Del Taco

Del Taco now serves Beyond Meat tacos at all 580 of their locations across the country. We’ve tried it, and it certainly tastes meat-ish! Order a taco, burrito, or nachos and substitute Beyond Meat for real meat. Pro-tip: Order a Beyond Meat soft taco, fill that baby up with some crinkle cut fries and you’ve got yourself a flavor bomb!


Manhattanites are getting treated to a prime Dunkin’ breakfast with the new Beyond Sausage breakfast sandwich. It looks almost identical to to a regular breakfast sausage sandwich, but it’s use of cheese and egg don’t exactly make it vegan. Still its a step in the right direction and will surely open up Dunkin’ to a new very hungry market. Plans for a national rollout are imminent!


If you’re a big Fatburger fan you probably already know that they are selling an Impossible Fatburger, but for the rest of us non Fat-heads, this is good news! The Impossible Fatburger is currently available at every Fatburger location in America with some locations even carrying vegan Daiya cheese. Bump that Daiya access to all locations Fatburger and you may just win the plant-based burger war!

Hard Rock Cafe

Since December of this year, the Hard Rock Cafe has been serving the Impossible Burger at all 40 company-owned locations in the United States. What tastes better than an Impossible burger with double cheese and a giant fried union ring inside of it? Don’t answer that, because the answer is “a real burger with double cheese and a giant friend union ring,” but the planet is in trouble, so it might not be a bad idea to start thinking of ways you can help.

Little Caesars

Little Caesars

Little Caesars is trying out a Supreme Pizza made in collaboration with Impossible Meats. The Impossible Supreme Pizza consists of caramelized onions, mushrooms, green pepper, and Impossible Sausage, which the meat 2.0 company made especially for Little Caesars.

Blaze Pizza, take note, this is how you go meatless!



Okay, what gives McDonald’s? Americans often gaze at the international menu offerings from McDonald’s with envy but this is just taking it too far. The Big Vegan TS is currently only available in the fast-food chain’s German market with no plans to expand to the US. While that’s pretty disappointing, we doubt it means we’ll never get a meat 2.0 Big Mac stateside, considering the Big Vegan TS is manufactured by Nestlé which leaves the door wide open for Impossible or Beyond Meats to come sweeping in to rescue us.



Qdoba now sells Impossible Tacos and Bowls at all 730 of its locations. I’d argue that the meat 2.0 tacos are actually considerably better than the burgers, so if you’ve been burned by an Impossible or Beyond burger in the past, consider giving the tacos a try.

Red Robin

Red Robin

Red Robin first introduced their Impossible Burger on April Fools’ Day of this year. Why any company does anything on April Fools’ Day is beyond us, but the Red Robin Impossible Burger is no joke. The best part about the chain’s approach is that you could swap in the Impossible Burger patty to any of Red Robin’s gourmet burgers which is dope and an approach we’d like to see more chains take up in regards to the meat substitute.

Shake Shack

The Shake Shack ’Shroom Burger consists of a portobello mushroom cap with Muenster and cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and Shack Sauce so while it’s not quite an Impossible or Beyond meat, it still deserves some mention. The ‘Shroom Burger is by no means bad, they’re actually pretty tasty but they don’t exactly satiate that meat craving like an Impossible or Beyond Burger might. Still, Mushrooms do have a meaty texture with lots of umami, so it’s almost there.

Shake Shack also has a Veggie burger that is exclusive through their app but only from limited locations. So we aren’t counting it. Get it together Shake Shack!

TGI Fridays

TGI Fridays

Since January 2018 people have been “thanking God” that TGI Fridays has a Beyond Burger. Bad joke? Just stop your criticism and eat your Beyond burger. At over 469 participating locations nationwide, you could substitute the beef patty in any TGI Fridays burger for Beyond Meat.

Umami Burger

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Umami Burger was one of the first burger spots to offer up an Impossible Burger and the small chain currently has three different iterations of the burger on their menu. With the Impossible Trufflemaker, you get an all vegan bun, miso mustard sauce, charred green chili salsa, truffle fondue, truffle aioli, port wine, a truffle glaze, and curly lettuce and tomato. If that doesn’t make your mouth water and fill you with ideas of eating way less meat, we don’t know what will.

Or perhaps the Impossible Vegan BBQ is more your speed, with an espresso rub, smokey bbq sauce, and thinly sliced jalapeño, with the aforementioned miso mustard and charred green chili salsa. With ingredients like that the meat doesn’t even matter!

Veggie Grill

If you’re already living a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, you probably already know all about Veggie Grill. If you’re new or interested in becoming vegan or vegetarian — welcome to your new McDonalds. Veggie Grill is a fast-casual vegan restaurant, their entire menu is vegan friendly and they have plenty of plant-based meat products on their menu, from Beyond Cheesesteak Sandwiches to chopped Chickin’ salads.

Wahl Burger

Wahl Burger, the only burger chain partly owned by a member of the Funky Bunch, proudly serves a quarter-pound Impossible Burger with smoked cheddar cheese, lettuce, caramelized onions, Paul’s signature Wahl sauce, and some housemade chili spiced tomatoes. It’s such a good vibration, it’s such a sweet sensation.

White Castle

White Castle

White Castle has been selling an Impossible version of their 2×2 inch slider at participating locations nationwide for about a year now. Since every stoner’s favorite east coast burger chain was such an early adopter of impossible meat, it has given the company some time to start experimenting with the slider. This last April White Castle introduced the BBQ impossible slider and though we haven’t had one we imagine it’s now even harder for meat 2.0 skeptics to tell the difference.

Yard House

America’s favorite sports bar chain, Yard House, is home to the unimaginatively named “Beyond Burger,” featuring pickles, vegan mozzarella, red onions, tomato, arugula, smashed avocado, with a slaw made from mixed field greens tossed in balsalmic vinaigrette atop a fresh-baked onion bun. Nice call on the arugula over something like butter lettuce, but we’re still feeling salty over the name.

All The Markets Selling Beyond and Impossible Meat

If you love yourself a plant-based burger so much that you’re looking to swap out meat for a Beyond or Impossible product permanently, you’ll be pleased to know that they have this stuff in markets now, and best of all you aren’t limited to eating just burgers. Sausage, chicken, and taco meat plant-based products make swapping out meat for something altogether better for the environment easier than ever. In terms of availability Beyond is absolutely mopping the floor with Impossible, with availability at 26 grocery stores across the country compared to Impossible’s presence in just three. This is a large disparity that’ll leave Impossible fans vulnerable to being swooped up by Beyond’s convenience, so step it up Impossible Foods!

Looking for Beyond Meat in stores?

ACME, Albertsons, Food Lion, Giant, Hannaford, Harris Teeter, Central Market, Hy-Vee, Jewel-Osco, Kroger, Mariano’s, Mylk Guys, Pavilions, Publix, Ralphs, Safeway, Shaw’s, ShopRite, Sprouts Farmers Market, Stater Bros Market., Target, Vons, Walmart, Wegmans, Whole Foods

Looking for Impossible Foods in stores?

Fairway Market, Gelson’s, Wegmans