Qantas Slashed Prices To Australia For The Weekend

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When Crocodile Dundee came out, waaaaaaay waaay back in 1986, Australia felt like a world apart. But in 2018, it feels more like our next door neighbor. With flights getting cheaper and direct routes getting more common, going to Australia entails “a sleep, a feed, a movie, a crap, and a cuppa” in Dundee-talk. That’s pretty accurate. In fact, assuming you get a solid sleep, you’re guaranteed to end up in the “do I try to squeeze two movies in?” conundrum. And you probably can’t.

Point being: Australia has become pretty accessible for a one week trip. And now, with prices tumbling, that’s even truer. Especially this weekend, when Qantas is holding a deep cut sale for tickets on their new fleet of Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners. The sale has tickets that will get you all over Australia from all over the United States for less than $1,000. When you’re in that range, you’re pretty stoked.

Seriously, you can leave from:

Los Angeles:




San Francisco:


and NYC:


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