Qantas Slashed Prices To Australia For The Weekend

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When Crocodile Dundee came out, waaaaaaay waaay back in 1986, Australia felt like a world apart. But in 2018, it feels more like our next door neighbor. With flights getting cheaper and direct routes getting more common, going to Australia entails “a sleep, a feed, a movie, a crap, and a cuppa” in Dundee-talk. That’s pretty accurate. In fact, assuming you get a solid sleep, you’re guaranteed to end up in the “do I try to squeeze two movies in?” conundrum. And you probably can’t.

Point being: Australia has become pretty accessible for a one week trip. And now, with prices tumbling, that’s even truer. Especially this weekend, when Qantas is holding a deep cut sale for tickets on their new fleet of Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners. The sale has tickets that will get you all over Australia from all over the United States for less than $1,000. When you’re in that range, you’re pretty stoked.

Seriously, you can leave from:

Los Angeles:




San Francisco:


and NYC:


Anyone who shops Australia flights often will know that that is just about as good as you can ever hope for (flights on Canadian will occasionally dip to the high 600s from LA). But the fact that it’s on a premier jet means that you get leg room, a meal, wine, and personal in-flight entertainment. For a flight that crosses the Pacific, those are pretty big perks. Anyone who’s spent $40 eating Cup O’ Noodles on a Norwegian flight across the Atlantic can attest to that.