The Best Music Hotels On The Planet To Completely Rock Your World


Music is forever tied to travel. There are songs that get us on the road and songs that keep us exploring. Road trip playlists that fill us with sense memory and newly discovered tunes that perfectly capture the moment. Whether it’s the band you saw after an 18-hour Greyhound ride or the festival you flew across the world for, music inspires us to have new experiences and offers the soundtrack to our adventures.

It’s no wonder that this synergy would infiltrate the hotel scene. From themed honky tonks to cool kid club spots, there’s a massive range of stunning music-inspired (even music-themed) hotels out there. We asked our travel team to highlight their absolute favorites. These are the places that feel married to the sound — hosting artists, spinning vinyl, and dripping with rock n’ roll vibes. Check out all 15 and add your voice to the conversation below!

-Steve Bramucci, Uproxx Travel Editor