Some Companies Are Actively Trying To Encourage You To Vote This Year

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In less than a week the U.S. will hold midterm elections, the outcome of which will have consequences for years to come. We at Uproxx believe it’s time to treat voting as an act of rebellion and for millennials and Gen Z-ers to defend our country by voting for our beliefs. But if, you know, all of…this isn’t incentive enough to vote, there are some companies out there trying to make getting to the polls easier and to encourage you to exercise your civic duty.

Once you find your polling place, here’s how various businesses are trying to make voting on Tuesday, November 6th a little easier this year.

Lyft and Uber are making it easier to get to the polls.

There are some caveats to this promotion. Lyft is teaming up with nonprofits like and Nonprofit Vote to distribute 50 percent off promo codes for rides to the polls. Additionally, they’re offering free rides to underserved communities with help from Voto Latino, League of Women Voters, local Urban League chapters, and more.

Uber similarly partnered with nonprofits to give free rides to underserved communities, and they’re offering $10 off a single ride to the polls.

Contiki will help you travel.

One young voter will be the winner of a free trip with Contiki Travel Tours, a tour company serving 18 to 35-year-old travelers. All you have to do is vote (on Tuesday, November 6th!!!) and post a picture of your “I Voted” sticker to Instagram using the hashtag #VoteWithNoRegrets. If you win, you also receive a $1,000 airline credit to help you get to your destination (and back, depending on the outcome of election day).

Patagonia is shutting down its stores.

Patagonia has been outspoken about the Trump administration in the past, and now they’re part of a 150-company coalition that is giving their employees time off to vote on election day. (Which is NOVEMBER 6TH!!!) Patagonia is taking it a little further, however, and is not just giving their employees a few hours. They’re shutting down all their stores for the day, in the hopes that we’ll all vote, too.

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