Travel Writers Tell Us Which Tours & Activities You Should Try In 2018

Editorial Director, Life

Here at Uproxx, we’re constantly trying to get you on the road. We show you the freshest destinations, profile bold adventurers sure to leave you inspired, and share scortching flight deals. Once you take the leap and buy a ticket, your trip unfolds in front of you — loaded with endless potential.

So what to do? Swim with sharks? Trek the Amazon? Practice yoga in a hilltop retreat? The choices you make will ultimately come down to your personal travel philosophy. Don’t you dare cede the choice to a package tour dealer or travel agent. Deciding how, where, and why you spend your money to gain experience is one of the joys of travel in the first place.

We asked 11 travel writers to tell us which experiences excited them for 2018. Their sagelike advice fit with some of the big travel trends we’re seeing this year — health, ecology, and community. More than that, all of these activities, tours, and excursions have one common thread: They sound like a whole lot of fun.

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