A Bar Is Under Fire For Selling Colt-45 In A Paper Bag For $15

Obviously, the days of fifty cent drafts are long gone in most places. Spending an evening downing low-quality suds after work without having to spend much of your hard-earned paycheck seems more like a beautiful dream than a past reality. Your average American can expect to pay around $4-7 dollars for a pint of beer. I guess that’s not that bad as long as you aren’t planning to drink twelve beers. But, would you be willing to pay $15 dollars for a 40-oz. Colt 45?

Mind you, you get to have it in a paper bag… if that helps.

Online, people are clearly miffed that a bar in Los Angeles is offering “Colt 45 ’40’ With Brown Paper Bag” for $15. It’s not just about the price, though, it’s also about the associations being created by urging people to drink out of a 40oz from a paper bag. As one Twitter user wrote, this could be construed as “gentrification at its finest.”

Many people took to Twitter voice their concern or just oggle over the oddly-price beverage. In fact, all the press probably sold more $15 dollar 40s than usual.

But, like most Twitter trends, this one seemed to start from out of nowhere — since the owner of the bar in question says that the item has been on the menu for eight years without any kind of public outcry prior to this. He also doesn’t understand why people are making such a big deal out of the brown paper bag adornment. (Really, guy? You don’t have to change it, but you at least fathom how this might seem like you are emphasizing the destructive effects of alcohol in places where people drink on street corners rather than for $15 in a hipster bar, right? Not at all?)

To him, it’s all about nostalgia.

“That was jut the way people drank cheap alcohol, like we did when we were kids,” John Arakaki the owner of the bar, St. Felix told “It’s just kind of a nostalgic thing because you’d go to shows and if you had a drink before you went inside, you had to cover it up in the parking lot.”

Nostalgia or not, the only way to combat this crazy price is by purchasing your very own 40 for the low low price over $2 at any 7Eleven in the world.