Donald Trump And Bill Clinton Are Beefing On Twitter, Just As Nostradamus Predicted

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12.20.16 5 Comments

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Donald Trump took to Twitter on Tuesday to hit back at former president Bill Clinton’s assertion that he “doesn’t know much.” The president-elect said on the social media platform that he does know plenty and that Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election because she focused on the “wrong states.”

Trump is currently wrapping up his 2016 Thank You Tour, where he made appearances in states that love him while basking in the glow. Unfortunately for Trump, he couldn’t enjoy the admiration because non-fan Bill had some choice words for him. In an interview with The Record Review, the former president said Trump only knew how “get angry, white men to vote for him.” With the first shot fired, Trump saw red and, as seen above, couldn’t resist responding.

An interesting tidbit from Trump’s tweet barrage includes his claim that he had an unlimited budget while he was running for president. Trump’s finances were heavily examined during the campaign season, and at times, rumors were that the money faltered. But does it even matter? Here we sit, weeks away from the inauguration, and the president-elect and a former president are publicly fighting.

These are the times we now live in.

(Via New York Daily News)

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