We’re About To Get The ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Pop Up We’ve All Been Dying For

Finally, the restaurant news we’ve all been waiting to hear! A Bob’s Burgers-themed pop-up is coming to Chinatown in Los Angeles starting December 1st, so get ready to make the trek over there and dig into a unique burger experience that will last a total of ten days. Happening at Chef Alvin Cailan’s restaurant and “concept shop” Unit 120, the pop-up will consist of a week-plus of unique burgers inspired by the show all cooked by different chefs.

It’s not a true Bob’s themed event unless the burgers come with borderline inappropriate titles and some weird ingredients, so whatever group of chefs takes on the challenge (of which none have been officially confirmed at this point) better bring their pun A-games and a serious lack of inhibition about their beautiful meat creations being called anything classy or elegant.

The pop-up will also go hand-in-hand with a Bob’s Burgers art exhibit, which might be an even more incredible occurrence than the actual pop-up itself. Bring on all of the Tina Belcher-esque masterpieces and paintings that look like they were created from Gene’s perspective on the world. The project will be there through December 10th, but it is bound to be a crowd pleaser so do your best to beat the lines and contribute to the hype between this Thursday and then.

(via Eater LA)