Ice Cream And Beer Are Joining Forces To Protect Our Winters

It may cause shudders for some to think about, but in three months there’s going to be a new president of the United States. An era is about to end. With that in mind, Ben & Jerry’s, New Belgium Ale, and Protect Our Winters have teamed up to petition the incoming administration to spend their first 100 days making a real effect on climate change.

Their tactic for gaining public support and raising money? Pints have united, as Ben & Jerry’s and New Belgium are collaborating to bring us Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ale in both beer and ice cream form. The triad behind the 100 Days To Change Our Ways movement want us “to drink beer, eat ice cream, and create tangible ways to fight climate change.”

It may sound like a hipster action hero’s catchphrase — “I came to drink beer, eat ice cream, and create tangible ways to fight climate change. And we’re all outta beer and ice cream!” — but it’s also pretty damn cool.

Jenn Vervier over at New Belgium says, “Inaction needs to turn into action, from the highest levels of government to each of us.”

She’s right. Climate change is still denied by 30 percent of Americans, mostly due to political posturing. Vervier adds that “combating climate change is something we’re passionate about and with the upcoming change in the White House Administration, now is the time to get vocal.”

Protect Our Winters will be hosting events all over America — which you can attend, even if you just want to sample the ice cream and beer. They also plan to start lobbying senators and petitioning the White House after the inauguration to start enacting serious change in our dealings with our climate. They’ve also provided a letter for you to send directly to whomever the new president will be.

So, how does the beer stand up to our beer-loving palates? New Belgium declared the ale hits the nose with “vanilla, caramel, and chocolate (baker’s chocolate, hot chocolate powder).” Okay, so the nose sounds comforting and delicious. And how does it taste? The beer “starts fairly sweet, then a slight bitterness comes in to finish with a mellow sweetness.”

If sweetish and comforting ales are your jam and you like fighting climate change, this might be the beer for you. It’ll be available this month and events will run through the end of the year.

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