The World’s Best Pool Parties For Summer 2019


In late spring or early fall, a good pool party simply needs a barbecue, a cooler of cold beer, and a pool. But this is full-on summer. Summer! And for that, you’re gonna want a DJ spinning, a thousand people in swimsuits, and a fully stocked bar slinging signature drinks. If there’s no chance of getting sprayed with mid-range champagne, what’s the point?

We gathered ten legit pool parties from around the world. Forget about getting splashed by your neighbors’ terrible children or assembling your burger with condiments turned soggy by the blazing sun. These are the jams where the people who splash you are so gorgeous you would ask them to do it again and the burgers come via a renowned kitchen, delivered by poolside staff paid to wait on you.

In short, these are the pool parties you deserve this time of year.

Fontainebleau Miami Beach (Miami Beach, Florida)

The Fontainebleau doesn’t want for watery good times — the place has eight freaking pools for god’s sake. The iconic bowtie pool invites people to take a few laps in the glittering water. The family pools are shallow and filled with screaming kids, if that’s your vibe. But the pool party fun comes courtesy of the adults-only Arkadia Day Club pool, where electric beats thump courtesy of top-shelf DJs and tropical cocktails flow.

Between noon and seven pm every weekend, the pool party gets lit with theme celebrations. If you’re balling, go in for an ultra cabana, where you have room to stretch out. You also have a 46-inch HDTV, wireless internet, and personal attendants to satisfy your every whim. This will run you 550 dollars Monday through Thursday, and it gets more expensive on the weekends. You might want to rage poolside all night, but the party usually shifts to the property nightclub LIV, which is legendary.

If you really wanna go all out, stay at the hotel, start your day with spa treatments, play by the pool all afternoon and evening, and hit the nightclub to keep things rolling all night. That’s the kind of itinerary that (provided you don’t blackout) makes for some classic memories.

Ocean Club Marbella (Marbella, Spain)

There are a few kinds of parties at Ocean Club. The fact that the 30,000-square-foot property sits on the marina, a short walk from super yachts and trendy night clubs makes their chic, traditional parties pretty obvious. There’s also the sparkling saltwater infinity pool parties — where guests lounge on extra-large white leather beds. It’s very tasteful. And finally, there are champagne parties. Yes, the more sedate parties have champagne in large amounts too, but it’s consumed by connoisseurs. We’re talking champagne spray revelries where you book a day bed (possibly next to a celeb or socialite) and keep the party hopping by taking the included bottle of champagne and using it to spray down some tan god or goddess under the blisteringly hot summer sun. And it’s Veuve Cliquot champagne — which may explain the 120 Euro price tag on attendance.