Your Favorite Bartenders Want To See These Cocktail Trends Die In 2017

12.20.16 3 years ago 4 Comments


The cocktail world is full of creative, hard-working, enthusiastic bartenders willing to push the envelope with new and unique ideas. But, it’s also a world full of over-hyped trends that sweep across the nation in bars and pubs from New York to California.

Most trends are great at first, and then… not so much. They get diluted, played out, and quickly grow stale. We asked the pros which cocktail trends they’re ready to move on from.

All Jacket No Trousers


Many bartenders are tired of garnishes that are impractical for service, wasteful, and unsustainable. Bartenders are over the “‘all jacket, no trousers’ garnish game: the garnish arms race for Instagram, jumping the shark into the absurd, adorning mediocre (or worse) drinks,” says Chad Solomon of Midnight Rambler in Dallas.

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