Watch Dan Harmon Talk All Things Dan Harmon Over Cocktails On ‘Speakeasy’

Community showrunner Dan Harmon is the latest guest on Paul F. Tompkins’s excellent web series, Speakeasy. Their half-hour discussion covers everything from Harmon’s roots to his early days with Channel 101 to getting fired from The Sarah Silverman Program after co-creating it to, well, Community. Obviously. Lots of Community talk, some of which you already know if you’ve been following The Great Community Saga over the past few years, but some of which you probably don’t. Or, at least, some of which you didn’t have this perspective on. Highlights include:

  • He says lots of creative-types love television and get what it’s about and supposed to be because they spent their childhoods sitting in front of one soaking it all in, while many of the string-pulling suits spent their childhoods “grooming horses, not watching TV.”
  • He liked working with a network more than Comedy Central because the network was too busy to nitpick every joke.
  • He really likes making holiday episodes.
  • Etc. etc. etc.

It’s a good interview. Check it out if you have 30 minutes.