You Can Finally Learn To Eat Like Charlie From ‘Always Sunny’

02.21.17 2 years ago

YouTube sensation Andrew Rea (aka Binging With Babish) is back at it with an homage to all of the food (and drinks) from FX’s It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. In the past, he’s given us how-to videos on the “Moistmaker” from Friends and the strudel from Inglourious Basterds (among others). He chose the perfect time to highlight the exotic, downright terrifying food and drinks from the hit show because a few weeks ago, the show began its 11th season.

The show is like a modern day version of the Little Engine That Could. When it premiered in 2005, few people would have believed it would still be on the air twelve years later. Not that it wasn’t hilarious and ground breaking right away. It was just that the characters are so deplorable and anti-social that it didn’t really seem like the kind of dark humor that would catch on with larger audiences. Well, it did and it’s still on. Critics are even lauding this as one of the best season’s yet. There’s no “jumping the shark moment” on this show because it seems that the gang jumps the shark literally every week. What other show would have a whole episode revolving around the mystery of who pooped in a bed?

With all the strange premises and storylines, food and drink is almost as important a character as Mac, Dennis, Dee, Charlie and Frank. Obviously, beer is important to the show since the characters run a bar. But exotic treats like “Rum Ham” and “Milk Steak” are heavily featured in episodes.

In most of his videos, Rea sticks to one specific recipe. In this installment, he does his best to make (some version of) each and every famous food and drink from the show. What follows is the strangest collection of “food” ever assembled.

“Rum Ham”
Rea makes it just the way Danny DeVito’s character Frank Reynolds makes it on the show (probably). He literally cuts off a big slab of ham and soaks it in rum overnight. Knowing how horrible it will be, he decides to make an actual ham with pineapple rum sauce. He does give the rum ham a try later, only to refer to it as “really really disgusting”.

“Riot Juice”
At no point does anyone in the group actually explain what this neon, blue-colored beverage consists of other than it is mostly made up of grain alcohol. As Mac says, “Whenever there’s a potential riot, I’m getting blasted on grain alcohol”. Rea mixes together grain alcohol and blue Gatorade. He quickly realizes that is isn’t very palatable and decides to make up his own drink consisting of grain alcohol, blue curacao and pineapple juice.

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