Here’s A Tutorial For The Famous ‘Moist Maker’ From ‘Friends’

Everyone who has a Netflix account rejoiced when “Friends” was finally added last year. Fans of the show were once again treated to Chanandler Bong, ugly naked guy and Ross’ pet monkey Marcel. With Thanksgiving in the rearview, the time is right to unearth another “Friends” classic: “The Moist Maker”

Recently, Youtuber Binging with Babish (AKA Andrew Rea) set out to create the memorable sandwich that became famous when Ross Geller explained that someone at work had eaten his Thanksgiving leftovers. Although similar to the sandwich people all over the country make in the days following Thanksgiving, there was one clear difference. The secret is an extra slice of gravy-soaked bread in the middle that Ross affectionately refers to as “The Moist Maker”

To make his version of the sandwich, Rea used turkey, cranberry sauce, home-made sausage stuffing, gravy and white bread. The video details each step including the preparation of stuffing (in an “aggressively” buttered casserole dish), gravy, cranberry sauce, the roasted turkey as well as the sandwich itself. It’s a fairly long process, but so so worth it.

The sandwich itself starts with a piece of toasted white bread. He then adds thick slices of turkey and some stuffing. After this comes “The Moist-Maker”, a toasted slice of bread that has been dipped in gravy. He finishes it with a layer of dark meat, more stuffing, cranberry sauce and finally another piece of toasted bread. Quick q: Why no bacon? Add bacon, folks.

He didn’t skimp on the traditional-nature of the sandwich by using store-bought turkey cold cuts. He prepared his own turkey from start to finish and even made his own gravy using stock from the nasty bits of the turkey. The video goes into so much detail that someone who has never even cooked a turkey could likely make this sandwich if they had enough time and patience to do so. He even explains how to slice your turkey once it has cooked, something that gives people fits all over the country.