The FDA Is Finally Rethinking Its Definition Of ‘Healthy’ Food

05.13.16 3 years ago


Trying to eat healthy? If you listen to the FDA, that historically meant swapping your avocado for a Pop-Tart. It’s true, the FDA has thrown us for a loop before, but now they’re finally reevaluating their standards.

Currently, the administration has antiquated views of words like “healthy” and “natural,” but they’re taking steps to get a grip on what the modern definition should be. Two decades ago, when the FDA last defined the term, “healthy” was based on fat, saturated fat, sodium, cholesterol, and beneficial nutrients. A food product with too much fat or sodium was unhealthy, whereas sugar content wasn’t part of the consideration. You can see an actual breakdown of the guidelines here:

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 11.28.08 AM

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