Churro Ice Cream Bowls Think Your Waffle Cones Are Just Adorable

Blessedly, we seem to be moving away from the era of “What kind of horrific thing can we do to a donut” and entering a new world of dessert fusion: ice cream inside of another, far messier thing.

Places that make their own waffle cones instead of scooping their ice cream in to plain cake cones or paper bowls seem quaint in light of ice cream shoved in to actual damn waffles. And if you’re still reeling from the idea of soft serve in a trdelníks — basically the Czech version of a funnel cake — I don’t know if you’re prepared for what Australia’s about to dish out.

Milky Lane doesn’t even open its doors on Bondi Beach until May 6, but they’ve been all over Instagram trying to put their own twist on the nutella-lined chimney cakes that were the greatest thing for exactly one hot minute. First they debuted their idea for the “conut,” or churro cone:

But that’s clearly a blatant ripoff. So about two weeks ago they apparently scrapped that idea (or put it on the back burner) for a much less messy way to rush to diabetes — the churro bowl:

They also appear to have toned down dumping an entire candy store on top of the ice cream, which may or may not be a good thing. But this bowl idea might be a better thing than the trdelníks. I’m sure the dough-cones are tasty as heck, but they all seem to be covered in cinnamon-sugar (and rightfully so.) The whole appeal of an ice-cream cone is that if you manage to eat it before it melts down your arm, the rather neat cone apparatus keeps your hands clean and is edible. The churro bowls do seem to be a better option if you don’t want to wear your sugar coma down the front of you.

So this just begs the question: Once we’ve moved on from fried dough to hold our frozen custard, what’s next? Brownie fries? Meatloaf cupcakes? Pizza bagels?

(Via First We Feast)