KFC’s Contribution To The Chicken Sandwich Wars Is Pure Maximalism

The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich was too good for this world (except, you know, the sourcing), which is to say humanity literally ate out of existence. It was the main casualty of this summer’s chicken sandwich wars (that and many of its consumer’s waistlines), with so many sold that the chain had to put it on hold while they restock. There’s no word yet on when Popeyes will reup, but in the meantime other chains are taking advantage of its absence.

Now, one competitor may have gone too far. KFC announced they’re testing a new sandwich that uses donuts as buns. Two. Full. Donuts. If climate change doesn’t claim our species, maybe KFC will.

As per Eater, the sandwich — called, simply, Kentucky Fried Chicken & Donut Sandwich, and priced at $5.99, or $7.99 as a combo — pairs two separate glazed donuts with a crispy chicken filet. (The donuts will also be sold separately.) Right now, it’s only available for an unspecified amount of time at about 40 locations, all of them in or around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania plus Norfolk and Richmond, Virginia, and there’s no word if it will expand further (hint: yes, it will. Because of $$$).

Eater wondered if KFC had been inspired by the “Luther burger,” rumored to be the sandwich of choice of the late Luther Vandross. That dish placed a bacon cheeseburger inside a donut bun. But that was only one donut sliced in half. This is two separate donuts, which means almost twice the calories and at least quadruple the shame. But what do we expect from the chain that brought us a chicken sandwich with Cheetos inside? That’s to say nothing of the infamous Double Down, which used chicken filets as buns, separated by cheese and some mystery sauce best left unknown. (May we also remind you there’s a new KFC dating game featuring a hot Colonel Sanders?)

Whether KFC’s donut sandwich spreads beyond Pittsburgh and Virginia or not, it brings to mind the adage: just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Some on Twitter agreed, even as they wondered aloud when they’d get their hands on a Chicken & Donut Sandwich to test.

Of those who tried it, some were down (until their next blood test).

Not everyone was pleased, with their life decision or with the sandwich.

(Via Eater)