Popeyes Has Apparently Completely Sold Out Of Its Beloved Chicken Sandwiches


Only the good die young, as William Martin Joel once said. But in this case, at least, they’ll be back: Popeyes’ social media account broke the tragic news that they were (temporarily!) out of their instant classic chicken sandwich, a mere two weeks after making them available at outputs nationwide.

“Y’all. We love that you love The Sandwich. Unfortunately we’re sold out (for now),” read the heartbreaker of a tweet.

As per CNBC, chances are you may still be able to get it, for now. Supplies are expected to last through the end of the week. Of course, simply breaking that news may send many to scurry to their nearest Popeyes, hoping to get their mitts on that buttery brioche bun, those tangy pickles and either mayonnaise or spicy sauce

Since bowing nationwide about a fortnight ago, the beloved Louisiana-style friend chicken joint has been a social media and IRL sensation. Many reported stores running out of the sandwich — which one can get spicy or “original,” though truly there really is only one option — well before closing time, forcing those with a jones for the product to dash to the nearest backup, with hopes they haven’t also been sieged. (Of course, one could also simply get their many other, equally mind-blowing products.)

The sandwich may have been an objective culinary banger, but it hasn’t been heaven for some. Some Popeyes employees anonymously spoke to Business Insider, saying the sandwich caused long lines, long hours, no breaks, rude, impatient customers — hellish conditions that made some want to quit.

Hopefully they can enjoy their respite, as things return to normal before becoming nightmarish again. Indeed, Popeyes is reportedly talking to their suppliers, hoping to bring their goldmine sandwich back as soon as possible. When they do come back, try to be decent to the low-wage heroes trying to get you your delicious order posthaste.

(Via CNBC and Business Insider)