Taco Bell Is Letting Fans Choose One Of Two Menu Items To Bring Back

Streetwear drop culture has infected Taco Bell! Ever since Taco Bell removed the Mexican Pizza from its menu only to see Taco Bell-heads go nuts and wage a campaign to bring it back, they must’ve realized that exclusivity is a powerful sales tool. If it works for Supreme and Nike, why can’t it work for Taco Bell? So now, as Taco Bell readies its next big drop, the brand is turning to the fans.

Starting today, Taco Bell-heads can cast an official vote through the Taco Bell app on whether the Bell should bring the Doubled Decker Taco or the Enchirito before year’s end. You can cast a vote daily until October 6th via the Taco Bell app (assuming you’re a Rewards Member), with the winner being announced on October 7th to appear at participating locations nationwide at a later date.

The Double Decker Taco was a menu staple from 2006 until 2019 when it was purged during the controversial Taco Bell menu revamp (the same revamp that killed the Mexican Pizza) and consists of a flour tortilla covered in beans and wrapped around a classic crunchy taco. The Enchirito has a long and storied history on the menu, first appearing in the ’70s and was essentially Taco Bell’s version of a wet burrito, it features a tortilla filled with beef, beans, and onions, smothered in red sauce and melted cheese. Also… there was this… um… rap?

Our vote is with the Double Decker Taco because it combines the best of a burrito and a Taco Bell taco, though you could make a pretty strong case for the Enchirito since it was discontinued back in 2013, almost an entire decade ago. Either way, Taco Bell-heads have something to look forward to before the year’s end. We’re all winners here, though neither of these discontinued classics have anything on the Mexi-Melt.