These Awesome Vacation Rentals Will Give You A Place To Forget Your Worries

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We are 76 days from a Donald Trump presidency. Roughly half of the country is jubilant. The other half is reaching for anything to help them explain what just happened. Many of us are feeling déjà vu — thinking back on another vote that shocked pundits and statisticians.

As you’ve probably heard, Canada’s immigration webpage crashed as distraught Americans dove for the escape hatch last night. While we don’t think turning your back on your country is the answer, we do think that we all need a f*cking break over the next 76 days. So we’ve compiled a little list of some seriously awesome houses you and your election fatigued compatriots can rent to lick said wounds, get some r&r, turn off the Twitter feeds, regroup, and come back strong.


This one’s an easy drive for any southern California resident — just hop over the border at Tijuana. Rosarito is an awesome hamlet, hugging the Pacific coast just south of Tijuana proper. You’ll be able to catch a few waves, eat some awesome tacos, and drink enough margaritas to wash away the pain of a 500+ day election cycle.

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