2016 Election Fatigue Is Real And We’re All Feeling It

and 10.26.16 3 years ago 7 Comments

In July, Pew Research Center reported that “most Americans already feel election coverage fatigue.” July! More than three months ago. And in those three months, it’s safe to say that no one has gotten any respite. The news cycle has churned forward, the conversations have devolved, and the fissures revealed by the primary elections have turned into gaping crevasses.

This week, Pew published a new report, positing that people are so tired of talking about the election that they won’t even argue about it on social media (and people will argue about anything on social media). According to the research, twice as many social media users report being “worn out” than those who actually like seeing political discourse online.

Translation: This exhaustion is both a cause and a result of the nature of the discourse, as this line reveals:

Meanwhile, roughly half of users feel the political conversations they see on social media are angrier (49%), less respectful (53%) and less civil (49%) than those in other areas of life.

The situation is so dire that USA Today is recommending we all look at cute animal gifs, while CNN is offering up tranquil nature shots. In our own attempts to deal with election fatigue, Uproxx News editor Kimberly Ricci and Uproxx Life editor Steve Bramucci traded emails on the topic in hopes that it might spark useful conversation (or at least allow the two of them a chance to vent).

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