‘The Daily Show’ Is Not Going To Cheer You Up With Their Election Special

Features Editor
11.09.16 3 Comments

If you are sitting in your “Stronger Together” shirt aching to find positive news as Hillary Clinton’s path to 270 electoral votes gets more and more narrow, The Daily Show is not likely going to give you the spirit boost that you were hoping for. And it sure seems like they aren’t delivering the bouncy live election show that they had planned, either.

Trevor Noah looks rough (as rough as he can look — he’s still adorable) and he’s talking about the news breaking him before sharing swigs from a bottle of Pepto with Roy Woods Jr. who says that this all feels like “America’s funeral.” Gosh.

Correspondent Desi Lydic seems more angry than sullen and Jordan Klepper is, well, he’s not really prepared to have America be made great again in quite the way Donald Trump plans.

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