Stephen Colbert Offers Some Comforting Words For America To End Election 2016

As we pointed out earlier, late night television on election night was not very funny. In fact, most of the shows had a very somber tone to them that reflected the exhaustive nature of the election that preceded and the divisive fears we could be facing with Donald Trump as president. Nothing defined that better than Stephen Colbert’s live election night finale. Instead of it being a foul-mouthed comic romp, it turned into a very insightful look at the election and what needs to happen in the moments that are coming tomorrow.

Colbert talks about the poison that flowed from this election, the kind we all got used to. He compares it to the time when he first got the chance to vote during the Nixon administration, the moment when he feels we stopped trusting each other. And there’s a twinge of sadness in there before some fire gets ignited in his belly.

To close out the show, Colbert puts an end to the election by going over some universal truths we should all agree on. This includes never biting into a Kit Kat bar as if it is as typical candy bar. He also drops a few strong curses in order to cast off the stench from this campaign season and hopefully ensure we never experience another like it in the future.

It’s a hopeful message and one that everybody can agree with, win or lose.

(Via Showtime)