Dakota Johnson Awkwardly Recovered From A Wardrobe Malfunction During Her Kimmel Interview: ‘My Dress Just Fell Off’

Dakota Johnson seems like the most unbothered actresses out there. Sure, she had a critically panned movie, crashed a wedding and even made some bad jokes, but she still sleeps soundly at night. For up 14 hours! So when she suffered from a pretty drastic wardrobe malfunction (shortly after the 7:00 mark above) on Jimmy Kimmel Live, she handled it better than most.

Johnson stopped by to chat with Kimmel, who is also her neighbor, about her newest movie, Daddio. Unfortunately, they didn’t get too far into movie talk before the strap on Johnson’s dress seemed to break. “My dress just fell off,” the actress said nonchalantly.

“It seems to be hanging in alright,” Kimmel replied as the actress attempted to mend the dress. “You just hold it, it wont be very long. By the way, you guys did a great job in this movie.” The movie stars Johnson and Sean Penn during one taxi ride from JFK to Manhattan, Even though it sounds like it, it’s not a horror movie.

Once the duo were back on track, Johnson revealed how she was able to “cast” a d*ck pick that appears at one point in the movie. “So there is this sort of ominous third character in the movie, you never see him, you never really meet him, and my character is texting with him the whole time, and he sends this d*ck pic,” Johnson explained.

She continued, “And you know when we were casting the d*ck pic, there’s not a back stock of penis pics that are usable in movies…” she explained that a crew member “had a group of her male friends just anonymously send in photos to her,” all while still attempting to hold up her dress. This is why she’s a celebrated actress!

Check out the full interview above.